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Sukkot 2021 

After Yom Teruah and Yom Kippur, we must tabernacle with the Father. Sukkot, also known as the Feast of Tabernacles, is all about entering the chamber of the Bridegroom for intimate fellowship.

"I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine . . ."--Song of Songs 6:3

1st Day of Sukkot Feast Day Service on Tuesday, September 21st at 12noon EDT online

Sukkot Feast Day Service on Shabbat on Saturday, September 25th at 3pm EDT online

8th Day of Sukkot Feast Day Service on Tuesday, September 28th at 12noon EDT online

Sukkot begins at sundown Sept. 20th and ends at sundown on Sept. 28th. During this time, the Lord requires that we dwell in temporary shelters (called sukkot), enjoying fellowship with Him and each other. On the 1st and 8th days of Sukkot, God calls us to hold a sacred assembly (Lev. 23:33-43). Every Shabbat, God also calls for a sacred assembly (Lev. 23:3). Sukkot will be fulfilled when all of God's people dwell with Him forever with nothing to harm us or cause us to mourn (Rev. 21:1-4). Let's practice for eternity with God now!

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Sukkot is 1 of 3 annual Biblical Feasts on which the Lord requires a special offering called a Shelamim offering. This is a freewill offering, based on how much the Lord has blessed your household. Seek Him about giving your Shelamim offering any time during Sukkot this year (from sundown, Sept. 20th to sundown Sept. 28th). You may give your Shelamim offering by clicking the button below, which will redirect you to The Truth In The Spirit's Giving Page. Write "Sukkot" in the "memo" or "for" line so that we will receive this as your Shelamim offering for Sukkot. May God release a blessing to YOUR HOUSEHOLD for not coming before Him empty-handed (Deut. 16:16-17).

Give Your Shelamim Offering

Watch this video to learn more about the spiritual significance of Sukkot. Please remember that this video was recorded in 2020. See above for the dates of Sukkot this year.

We look forward to observing the Feast with you!

Apostle Markita Brooks, Ministry Leader of The Truth In The Spirit