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Your purchase of Invitation Wear financially supports the work of the Invitation Movement, as ALL proceeds go toward our mission. It also helps to get our message of healing, peace and justice out into your community.

Order our Healing Blanket for yourself or give it as a gift to someone else.

For $100, you can have this 54" x 60" custom woven blanket shipped to your home. It has the logo of the Invitation Movement on it with a red background. We have prayed over each blanket, and we believe God with you for:

  • Healing of your soul,
  • Healing for your body,
  • Healing relationships between individuals and groups, and
  • Healing your relationship with God.

We use these Healing Blankets during our Healing Circles across the United States to comfort survivors of loss and tragedies. We also give them as protocol gifts to Native American leaders to honor them, bless them and repent of atrocities against Native Americans.

We pray that this blanket will bless you and those you love as well.

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